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Another ProElite autopsy

Following the trend of ProElite postmortems, Josh Gross has an excellent article that talks not about the events leading up to the company’s death but the specific reasons behind them.

2. Lack of commitment

Don’t call yourself an elite MMA promoter if it’s not the first thing you think about in the morning and the last thing you think about before going to bed.

There’s no denying the passion that UFC President Dana White has brought to his company. When Lorenzo Fertitta decided he needed to spend more time focusing on the UFC, he stepped down from his position as a billion dollar casino mogul to do so. That drive was missing from ProElite, which did not feature a crew of MMA-first guys at the top. Shaw had his boxing business to fall back upon. DeLuca his various entertainment ventures, of which ProElite was clearly a part.

3. Using MMA as a sideshow

Others inside the company lived the sport, but they were on the fight side. The same could not be said, especially early on, of executives driving the ProElite ship.

I’ve heard the same thing from numerous people inside the company. Several of the head people would show up at 9 and leave at 5 on the nose regardless of what had to get done … if they showed up at all. Everything involving Hawaii took forever to sort out because no one was willing to work the overtime to have phone meetings. All in all, I got the feeling that most of the main people in charge of the company were bleeding the company dry, and then Chuck Champion looked like the dude they brought in to clean up and sell off the company.

Also included in Josh Gross’ article: did you know that the former head Kelly Perdew was the fucking winner of the Apprentice 2? How retarded is that? I have no idea how I missed out on that fact.