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Another PRIDE fighter going to the UFC

It was announced yesterday that Mac Danzig will be one of the fighters for the next season of The Ultimate Fighter. This is the second time he has been chosen for the show; the first time he was contractually prevented from participating by King of the Cage. One thing no one’s been talking about is that this is yet another PRIDE fighter ending up in the UFC. If rumors of Mach Sakurai (who beat Danzig solidly in PRIDE) fighting Diego Sanchez are true, it’ll pretty much prove that the UFC is plundering all of PRIDE’s best assets.

As a side note, Mac’s a pretty decent photographer. He likes taking pictures of flowers and such. Does that make him less of a man? Perhaps. Is that why he lost his last fight? Could be!

  • Jonathan says:

    I believe that the Mach Sakurai going to the UFC has been confirmed by several sources, none of which I can give you at the moment because I cannot think of them. And yeah, I am more then willing to bet that the UFC is just plundering for the sake of plundering. They (Dana) cares about 1.2 out of 10,000 for Pride Fighting Championships and their cool ring announcer.

  • Yeah i’ve seen it as a rumor all over the place … it comes from a report from a TV station and at this point who knows if it’s true or all the other places are using the same unconfirmed source. To me, it just doesn’t make any sense. The UFC has been grooming Diego for a title shot, to the point where they’ve been avoiding matchups with Hughes and GSP because they want them to be belt fights. Now they’re putting Sanchez in the ring with a dude no average fan knows, but who is one of the best WW fighters in the world. Seems like a huge risk to me, and not how i would develop Sanchez or Sakurai.

  • Jonathan says:

    I don’t think that they are grooming him so much now that he lost and his undefeated record is out the window. Also, I believe that the UFC wants GSP to be their WW champ…with Hughes a close second. I don’t think that they want Serra as the champ. And then there is the whole debacle concerning Kara Parysian…I think they moved in favor of a good matchup instead of a stepping stone for Sanchez.

    Also, unlike Sakurai’s last fight in the UFC (against Hughes), weight should not be a problem.

  • I suppose when you’ve got such an insane WW division, you can do what you want because you’ve got legitimate title shots for years.

  • Jonathan says:

    I would hope so. The WW and MW are the most stacked of any of the divisions right now, but that could all change really quick. Say one fighter gets hurt and is out for 6 months, and another is suspended by a state athletic commission for a devastating KO knockout and one guy takes time off to get married…you can thin the ranks out really quickly in a sport like mixed martial arts. But with that said, with Karo being called a “gatekeeper” now, I think you have to give props to the UFC WW division.