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Another part time fighter

MMAWeekly has a good article on the bullshit Brett Rogers has had to endure since ProElite shut down and put it’s fighters in deep freeze. Rogers got a particularly shitty end of the stick, since the shut down happened a week before he was set to fight again. Now it’s been 11 months since he stepped into the cage, and shit got lean:

A year ago, Rogers was a promising heavyweight in an organization poised to be the first on network TV. He and his wife had quit their jobs, and he was training full-time. Five months later, he was stuck in a contract with a promotion that couldn’t put him to work.

The fight purses Rogers earned slowly evaporated, and with no means to make a living, he had to ask for his old job back, installing tires at Sam’s Club.

“Out here, you just can’t be letting jobs go, because people aren’t hiring,” said Rogers. “It’s hard to find anything with an educational background.”

His managers let him know the return wouldn’t be permanent, either. They were already stretched thin.

“Realistically, I shouldn’t be working there,” he continued. “They knew that I needed it. So they were just like, as soon as the time comes, you’ve got to let it go. I said just let me work the next couple of months, and then I’ll disappear.”

There’s no reason Rogers should have had to sit out for that long, stuck working for way less than he could be making cage fighting. It just reminds me of how fucking glad I am that the dickheads running ProElite, while not completely out of the scene, are mostly marginalized to the point where they can’t cause more problems.