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Another one bites the dust

I never figured out what the fuck to call these guys: The International Fighting Organization, Steel Cage Promotions, or Fireworks in the Cage. Regardless, it seems like it doesn’t matter any more because they’re now officially kaput. This has been a bad freaking week or two for upstart promotions: Bonecrunch promotions lasted about as long as it probably took for it’s retarded owners to pick their stupid promotion name. And let’s not forget that ProElite stock took a kick to the nuts late last week, going from $15 to $3.

All in all, a more negative and cynical person might be tempted to say the bubble has popped and MMA is no longer society’s new pet rock. Me, I’d like to remind everyone that it’s never been an MMA revolution, it’s always been a UFC revolution. Of course, things could change in an instant depending on what happens with the networks during the writer’s strike.