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Another non-TUF fight at the TUF finale?

Something whack is going on here. Earlier today we announced exclusively (exclusively last, that is) that Evan Tanner would be fighting Kendall Grove at the TUF7 finale. But now word is coming out that Marvin Eastman might fight Drew McFedries as well at the same show … so sayeth the Beastman’s myspace.

This is unusual because TUF finales usually follow a standard formula: the TUF finals, some TUF rejects fighting eachother, and one ‘main event’ fight. So for there to be two non-TUF related fights on the same card seems a bit fishy. Add to the fishiness is the fact that the fight is Eastman’s last on his UFC contract, and he hasn’t exactly been setting the world on fire lately.

McFedries is another interesting choice … I’m glad to see the UFC had him back after his loss to Patrick Cote. After all, he stayed in the fight even after his mom got freaking murdered a few weeks earlier. But this fight seems more suited to a PPV undercard than some kind of pseudo-main event status at a TUF finale.

So there’s your rumored fight with a detailed disclaimer as to why it might be bullshit!

  • NickRE says:

    Luigi Fioravanti vs. Diego Sanchez
    Kendall Grove vs. Evan Tanner
    Finalist #1 vs. Finalist #2
    Josh Burkman vs. Dustin Hazelett
    Marvin Eastman vs. Drew McFedries

    Rumored fights for the Finale according to mmajunkie.
    I think it has been confirmed that Sanchez is in the main event. So the above list is probably the televised portion with no TUFers other than the finalist unless maybe a swing bout or somethin.

  • godzillad says:

    Think of it, Paul Bradley is already with EXC. That’s fishy, considering he is in the house after he won the fight in episode one. Something tells me the finals are craptastic, and all the other guys (save for CB Dollaway) turned out to be busts, likely getting released once the episode with them getting eliminated airs.

  • That’s really odd.

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    I guess it is tough to control that many fighters (32).

    No matter. I am sure the season will be chock-full of exciting moments. I can’t wait to see who gets the upper-decker this season! Ten bucks says dana throws more knuckle-heads off the show for fighting in the house and “disrespecting the sport.” (Funny how Spike promo’s those brawls on the commercials for the upcoming episodes, yet Dana get so “pissed off” at the fellas when they throw down. They seem to want it both ways.)

  • catch says:

    I actually love both of those fights, between those and the finals should be definitely worth watching.