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Another Nick Diaz fight off because of weed

So it’s official: Nick Diaz is off this weekend’s Strikeforce card. There’s a very long and complicated story behind the whole affair, but if you wanna boil it down to one simple reason, it’s because of pot again. How you feel about this depends on whether or not you believe that Nick Diaz medically needs weed to function or if he’s just a stoner addict who’s unwilling to cut out the smoking even a few weeks before a fight.

It’s hard to know where to begin with this story. Yesterday we mentioned that Nick skipped his Friday drug test with his manager claiming he’d rescheduled it in advance for Monday. Now that Monday has come and gone with no urine collected from Mr Diaz, Cesar has slightly modified his story:

On Monday, Diaz’s manager, Cesar Gracie, said his fighter had an informal agreement with former CSAC executive officer Armando Garcia that precluded random drug testing. Diaz, a resident of Stockton, Calif., currently holds a medical marijuana license under the state’s Compassionate Use Act of 1996 and Medical Marijuana Program Act. Garcia departed the agency last November.

“They changed it without any notification,” said Gracie. “No one had any time. The old guys were doing things based off of California law, and I knew California law didn’t change. He’s licensed… it’s legal. They’re own legal team came out with a ruling that said (compassionate use was allowed). Then all of a sudden they’re saying we’re doing drug tests, and cannabis is included, it’s not just performance enhancers. To flush it out of his system, it takes 10 days, and we don’t have that.”

I’m hoping some of you new readers are starting to get an appreciation for why the CSAC won last year’s Worstie for Worst Athletic Commission by a landslide. The fact that someone can even claim they had an ‘informal arrangement’ with the CSAC head not to test for drugs just goes to show you how sketchy things were in the past and how that’s still affecting things now.

Pee Pants Taylor will now be stepping in for Nick, and him versus Jay Hieron ain’t all that bad of a matchup. It just sucks compared to Heiron vs Diaz.