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Another MMA ranking thing

Another ranking system, with the hook on this one being that it’s ‘independent’. What exactly that means is not really explained but I suppose it’s a rub against WAMMA. I’m not going to comment on if it seems better or worse than any other ranking system because I think ALL ranking systems are pretty dumb, which is why you’ll never see me participating in any of these. Unless I get offered money, in which case I’ll happily sell out and pronounce Frank Mir as the second best heavyweight in the world.

There’s a few reasons rankings don’t work. First, fluke wins turn them into total jokes (remember when Matt Serra owned the welterweight lists for half a year?), and secondly it’s nearly impossible to rate fighters in different organizations against eachother fairly. In my humble opinion, if people NEED to make rankings (and it seems like we do because this is like the 20th ranking system to appear in recent memory) then perhaps they should consider doing top five lists for each weight class in each major organization. But I suppose that would be too damn accurate a representation of what’s really up, and where’s the fun in that?