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Another mastabatory Dana White article

From who else but Yahoo? Kevin Iole gets a break as Dana’s regular knob polisher to let Dan Wetzel try a rub.

White, 39, infuriates some fans, although it is probably just a vocal minority. Most appreciate the product he’s delivered. That he’s a huge star in his own right, though, rankles some. Strangely, his harshest critics are generally hardcore fans you’d think would appreciate his unquestioned dedication to the sport and ability to take it from back alleys to mainstream.

White doesn’t deny he’s brash, at times cocky and always impatient. He also notes he’s far from perfect. He laughs about it though. He’s true to himself and that’s what it took.

So he battled with more than a few fighters, agents, writers, promoters and politicians?

This is cage fighting, after all. Are you supposed to be polite when you’re kicking down doors to open up worlds?

My favorite part of all this is how the reporter feigns ignorance as to why us ‘hardcore fans’ criticize Dana White. There’s nothing to see here, folks. Just a surly vocal minority that are being ignorant fools and not seeing the big picture. Dana White isn’t a part of the UFC. The UFC is a part of Dana White.