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Another Joe Daddy

MMAMania just pointed out that UFC commentator Joe Rogan recently spawned a child. When? The baby came at the beginning of May. Anyone want to speculate on if this is why Rogan skipped out on UFC 83 near the end of April? Sounds a lot more reasonable than the original can’t enter Canada / had a fight with Dana White rumors that were going around at the time.

One thing I’ve noticed with a lot of comedians is they really go tits up after having a kid. And a lot of comedians also start sucking once life gets happy. There’s a parallel there with fighters as well: while lots of fighters like to say they’re fighting for their children, it’s the miserable, childless sons of bitches who really do the best in MMA. Think about it: BJ Penn, GSP, Anderson Silva (and just ignore Rampage and Randy, who totally ruin my theory – besides, maybe it was their families which drove them both to do the stupid shit they did).

But Joe Rogan seems to have survived the problem of being totally happy. According to him, he doesn’t do anything anymore that he doesn’t feel like doing. Sounds like a pretty sweet lifestyle to me:

OCR: Aside from your own job, what do you think another cool job would be?

ROGAN: I don’t think there is anything else that I want to do in my life except for what I do now. I do commentary for the UFC and stand-up, and those are two of the coolest things. Fighting would be cool if brain damage was curable – but it’s not. The way my life is set up now, nothing I do is work and everything I do is stuff that I enjoy. I never go in to comment on UFC like “Oh God, here comes another fight.” I always go in with thoughts like “Wow, this is gonna be crazy” and I can’t wait to do it. When I do a comedy show I never go “Oh God, I’ve got to do another show.” People come out to have a good time and I’m ready to give it to them.

I wonder if that’s his attitude whenever Eddie Bravo calls him up about doing a music video?