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Another greasing allegation

A lot of the people who think GSP is a cheater base that assumption on the number of opponents who came out of the woodwork to accuse him of greasing in the past. But greasing allegations are nothing new or rare. They just go in and out of style, kinda the same way beards and insane foreign wars do.

Why just this weekend Brazilian Top Team leader Murilo Bustamante threw out a twofer, accusing Nova Uniao fighter Felipe Olivieri of greasing. And then he accused Dan Henderson of greasing up as too when he fought Rousimar Palhares at UFC 88:

After the fight, the Brazilian claimed that it was difficult to keep the American on the ground. “Rousimar complained that his legs were slippery, he escaped from a leg lock that hardly anyone escape from Rousimar here at the gym”, revealed Murilo. “We know he won’t claim to nothing, and we were naive, we just spoke after the fight. People are using substances that are illegal and must be punished. You can’t give room for the others to break rules”.

I just don’t get it. We’ve had how many greasing mini-controversies over the years and there’s still nothing being done about it anywhere. We have commissioners watching fighters while they urinate into tiny cups to keep them from using fake penises, but no one is bothering to run a finger across a fighter’s back between rounds to see if they’re excessively slippery.

The frustrating thing about greasing allegations isn’t that they’re impossible to prove or disprove. It’s that it wouldn’t be difficult to prove or disprove, but no one gives enough of a shit to do anything about it. So instead we have this generalized grey area where a shitload of cheating may or may not be going on, and no one knows for sure. It’s not a surprise then that so many guys are walking away from fights wondering if they just got screwed.