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Another fighter poos himself

We here at Fightlinker pride ourselves on keeping you, fair reader, in the know about the really important stuff going on in the MMA world. Like whenever a guy poos his pants in the ring. The most famous example was Tim Sylvia doing it, and then we covered another incident in America, but this is our first reported bowel malfunction in the UK (although it happens more than you’d think).

This time it happened to fighter Sol Gilbert at an FX3 show. Fortunately Sol has a sense of humor about the whole thing and posted this afterwards:

Seriously it was fucking hillarious…. congrats on Marious on catching my back as i was tripoding up and bouncing to escape i felt my stomach go and hey presto im left with a melted chocolate button in my pants…
The funniest thing is John “The Hitman ” Hathaway cutting of my wraps in the toilet whilst i’m trying to take my pants off..

ZT Top Tips..

Dont do Caffeine based drinks pre fight
Do find a toilet that has toilet paper ( so you go pre fight)
Dont give up your back!!
Do run like a mutha fucka out of the cage to try a salvage your dignity
Dont except a sponsorship deal from Huggies or pampers..

Great night, great fight up intill…………

Apologies for leaving the cage livo, i really couldn’t hang about……

In the above photo (courtesy of Jimmy Boogaloo), you can see Sol confirming that yes, he had indeed shat himself.