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Another Fedor chaser?

From Sherdog:

Henderson could debut for Strikeforce as early as April on a tentatively planned CBS event, has learned, and might face the promotion’s middleweight champion, Jake Shields, right out of the gate. Henderson, who also fights at light heavyweight, is being eyed for matchups against Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Gegard Mousasi and the world’s No. 1 heavyweight, Fedor Emelianenko, said a source with knowledge of the deal.

“Dan has always been motivated by the challenge of competing above his natural weight class, and he would certainly be honored to square off with Fedor at some point,” said Crecy.

Meanwhile, even though Dana is acting like he doesn’t give a crap, Sherdog reveals that the UFC had offered Dan the Nate Marquardt fight as recently as this past Friday. I guess a battle between #2 and #3 middleweights in the world for the opportunity to lose to the #1 in the world isn’t as exciting a prospect as the fantasy of sweeping Strikeforce’s middleweight, light heavyweight, and heavyweight belts.

And yeah, I’m ignoring the fact that Overeem still has the heavyweight belt, but that won’t be for much longer. He’s another guy who took some recent success and spun big dreams out of them. Thus far, those aren’t exactly going as planned.

(pic of Hendo at Grant Brothers Boxing & MMA in Toronto by FallingShaun)