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Another DREAM coming right up!

DREAM.1 is barely even a memory, but that hasn’t stopped FEG from announcing more information about DREAM.2 on April 29th. I can’t tell you how fucking sweet it is to have a big Japanese promotion again that’s as regular as All Bran. Fight fans might bitch and whine about ‘budo’ and how this ‘isn’t the same as PRIDE’, but overall I was happy with the first DREAM. While it was no OWGP Final, it was still just as good if not better than your average Bushido event (which is basically what this first show was).

Anyways, back to DREAM2. Here’s the lineup thus far:

OLYMPIA DREAM.2 Middleweight GP 2008 1st Round
Date: April 29th, 2008
Place: Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan

Middleweight GP Participants:
Kazushi Sakuraba
Yoon Dong Sik
Yoshihiro Akiyama
Shungo Oyama
Kin Taiei
Masakatsu Funaki
Kiyoshi Tamura
Denis Kang

I’m sure many people are going to be dissapointed at the fact that there’s no whiteys on the card – Denis Kang comes the closest, since he’s a half-French half-Korean born off the coast of Newfoundland. Me, I’m just hoping that Minowaman actually ends up in the tournament bracket for this one against a legitimate fighter. Also keep in mind that the opening bracket consists of 16 fighters, so I’m sure there’ll be a decent number of Brazilians and Europeans added down the road.

  • mike o says:

    fuck yeah sweet man

  • Sakuraba vs. Akiyama in round 1 would be sweeeet

    I like Saku….but Akiyama is a beast, after that Kang KTFO, he is for real and I got him to win the whole tournament (Japanese fans would hate that)

  • DannyP72 says:

    Where the fuck is Misaki?

    He’s whupped Akiyama and Kang and would make this tournament his bitch

  • Lifer says:

    im the biggest saku fan and he should retire.

    aside from that, one thing the japanese have always understood about mma is that we the consumer want the freak shows AND on top of that theyre going to give us grand prix after grand prix, something that has been lost on the UFC. this provides actual champions and not handpicked gimme fights that has become synonomous with the UFC. they kind of do it with TUF but those guys are mostly fodder anyways so it’s shit.

    i loves me some japan.

  • Lifer says:

    #3 – misaki just signed with strikeforce. you need to read more!

  • Lifer says:

    oh oh and my favorite to win the tourney is yoon dong sik. quote me on that. he’s multiplied his performances x4 every time ive seen him fight and if it keeps up he’s gonna be gunning for fedor.

  • Misaki’s Strikeforce deal is non-exclusive. But there’s also ish between him and K1 over the whole Akiyama fight, basically when Misaki said he was fighting for SENGOKU instead of DREAM they overturned the decision. So there’s a little bad blood between Misaki and FEG at the moment. Not enough to keep him from signing with them someday, but i wouldn’t expect it to happen any time soon.

    Also, keep in mind this is only half of the 16 fighters.

  • Lifer says:

    ryan i know youre backing yoon dong sik too right? i dont know how you could throw your hat in for anyone else! he’s a fucking badass.

  • Until i see the whole bracket I’m not gonna say anyone. Although if Sak is fighting in the actual tournament, you better believe they’re going to set him up with the easiest opponent from each round. So it wouldn’t surprise me if he took it all.

  • mike o says:

    give saku “suck young dong” again

  • Lifer says:

    dunno if you’re following saku’s career but he’s going the way of ken shamrock except that he fights in japan so not only is he half the fighter he used to be but the refs wont stop it no matter what state he’s in physically. i’m actually terrified for him.

  • DannyP72 says:

    FEG also needs to get Mayhem in this tournament.

  • RL Dookiefuck is RIGHT! says:

    I would think Manhoef, Zelg, and Fabio Silva will be in for sure too.

    Does everyone who fought in Sengoku have the same bad blood with FEG as Misaki? Because if not I could see Cyborg and Takimoto.

    I’d personally like to see Ninja, Bustamante, Lombard and Nick Thompson in the mix.

  • RL Dookiefuck is RIGHT! says:

    or Baroni LOL

  • Lifer says:

    baroni gasses just walking that quarter mile to the ring. maybe if he didnt fucking strut so much…

  • kentyman says:

    It’s that three pound shark’s tooth necklace weighing him down…

  • I think the Dongbar could go far in this. Let’s just hope Sakuraba gets out with his health intact. Kang is also in with a chance.