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Another delay

Josh Barnett’s long awaited steroid appeal has just gotten pushed back again. For those keeping count, this is delay el número cuatro:

The commission delayed the appeal when Barnett, 32, failed to appear at an official commission meeting today in Los Angeles. Barnett’s lawyer, Michael DiMaggio, spoke on behalf of Barnett and was denied a request to continue without the fighter.

Shannon Hooper, Barnett’s manager, told ( on Monday that Barnett was in Japan on Sunday for a pro wrestling match and will return to the U.S. later today.

“If the CSAC was requiring his presence, he wasn’t aware of it,” Hooper said.

But George Dodd, the CSAC’s new executive director, said Barnett was notified via letter that he was required to be at the appeal.

“The letter went out when his license was first denied,” Dodd said. “When we came [to Los Angeles], we were fully expecting him to be here. We didn’t know he was out of the country fighting.”

Dragging this kinda shit out is probably the worst thing a fighter can do. Remember Sean Sherk and Hermes Franca popping positive after fighting eachother? Sherk fought his tooth and nail for six months and might as well have just had a giant tattoo done on his face with the words ‘Steroid user’, because that’s what he burned into people’s minds. Hermes Franca on the other hand took the punishment quietly and half the people out there have forgotten he even tested positive.

Now we’ve got Josh Barnett. Here’s a guy who’s been busted three times and now his big appeal has been brewing for over a year and a freaking half. If his lawyer doesn’t have something fucking spectacular to share with the world – I’m talking concrete evidence that his moobs naturally produce several different kinds of steroids just like a soda dispenser at a restaurant – then all this will be a giant waste. Worse, it’ll be the final nail in the coffin of his legacy, which would have been pretty badass if it wasn’t for all the damn juicing. He’ll be lucky if people even remember (or still consider) that he was once a top three heavyweight for a damn long time.