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Another day, another mugshot

Today’s MMA-related arrest comes care of Hermes Franca, who was nabbed for DUI in Florida. Civilization as a whole needs to be bitchslapped in the face so people can wake up and realize how fucking lame it is to drive while drunk.

**UPDATE** MMA Rated has an update:

Reed Wallace, who represents Franca at the Florida-based White Chocolate Management, told that his client was not under the influence.

“He was very tired when he was driving and was falling asleep at the wheel,” Wallace said. “He did not take any drugs or alcohol.”

Wallace attended last night’s WEC 36 in Hollywood, Fla., with Franca.

“(The police) released him on his on own recognisant,” Wallace said, “which means they probably realized he was not under the influence. If he was, they would have set bail.”

While I’m happy to hear that Franca wasn’t asshole enough to drink and drive (since he fessed up to doing steroids I’m willing to take him at his word this time), it doesn’t clear him completely. Cops don’t keep people from driving drunk because they’re party poopers. It’s because you can fucking kill people with your car. I’d actually rate falling asleep at the wheel as MORE dangerous than driving drunk. Simple point: if you’re drunk/sick/tired/whatever to the point where you’re weaving all over the road and pose a danger to other people, then pull the fuck over and sleep it off.