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Another Couture gets into the fight game

Did you know that Randy Couture’s son Ryan is making his MMA debut tonight?

Ryan Couture makes his first MMA Amateur debut tomorrow November 7th, 2008 in Bellingham, Washington at the Bellingham Sports Plex. Ryan is fighting Ricky Perez (1-1) in the 160lb weight class.

Ryan was initially invited up to watch the event by his old coach (Cody Houston) as this is Houston’s first MMA promotion. Ryan’s comment was sure I’ll come up but I don’t want to watch, I want to FIGHT! Mr. Houston was excited and put the fight together and the rest is history.

We all remember Kim Couture’s debut and how that ended with her jaw cracking in half down the middle. But since Ryan is forged of the sperm of Mighty Randy himself, I’m sure he’ll prove to be harder to smash than his step-mom.