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Another contest!

(Remember the comic?)

We’re still running our Fightlinker shirt picture competition, but I thought it kinda sucked that we were discriminating against everyone who hadn’t bought a shirt yet. So here’s what we’re going to do. In addition to the shirt picture contest, we’ll run another contest for the un-clothed masses. All you have to do to enter is sign up to our brand spanking new Fightlinker Fan Page on Facebook! And if you’re feeling extra nice, you could ‘share’ one of our shirt posts to help us get the word out too. We’ll randomly pick three members next Friday and those three will get a shirt each.

I figure this contest is pretty sweet because not only is it like two clicks to enter the thing, but we’re gonna be serving up some pretty epic awesomeness on our fan page from here on in. There’s a lot of funny MMA crap that I see that doesn’t make it onto Fightlinker, and I figure this is a good place for it to go.

More Spank Tank goodness, funny vids, long lost Fightlinker content, special contests … I got a list as long as my arm of things we’re gonna be loading this up with. I’ve already got some cool shit on there for you to check out like the old Fightlinker comics and Weekly World News pics. And don’t worry: we’ll keep it around 4 posts a day to keep from spamming the balls off your newsfeed.

So how about it? Become a fan? Spread the word? Win some swag? Be awesome?