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Another commission disses the new Unified weight classes

Okay, this is gonna be the last post I make about someone specific not liking the new weight classes in the updated Unified rules. I think everyone now realizes it’s a dumb idea, and I’m fairly confident that this shit will get settled out in the next few years (because commissions are government run and therefore plod forward slower than Butterbean on two broken legs). But it’s still worth noting that Nick Lembo of the New Jersey Athletic Commission doesn’t like the new rules. This is important for two reasons:

  1. Nick was one of the main guys involved with setting up the first version of the Unified Rules
  2. Nick was there at the fucking meeting when they added the new dumb weight classes and didn’t do shit to stop it.

I dunno why he didn’t stand up and say ‘Hells to the no’ at the meeting, but at least he’s saying it now:

However, I have decided that I do not support the weight class changes.

With regard to weight classes, Nevada, California and Florida were not represented at the meeting.

Further, very minimal discussion was held on the topic. I did not hear medical evidence to support the rule changes as Mr. Garcia and I had requested. I did not see any thoughts or comments from promoters or fighters. I also know that Ohio has concerns with regard to changing the weight classes. Major MMA jurisdictions like Nevada, California, Ohio, Florida, Quebec and New Jersey need to have an involved role when contemplating serious MMA rule changes.

Unless everyone is on board, the ridiculous result would be having different weight classes in different jurisdictions for the same fighters in the same sport. Changing weight classes is a substantial change that needs further discussion and exploration, in my opinion. There needs to be more discussion and involvement of more parties prior to contemplating such a drastic rule change.

I am not convinced that weight classes are a crucial problem within the sport and I am not yet sure that the addition of so many more weight classes is warranted.

So that’s it for this weight class shit. We’re all in agreement … it’s fucking dumb. From here on in we’ll just ignore everyone else saying it’s dumb too and wait for the idea to get rolled back and stuffed in a dumpster where it belongs.