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Another challenger enters the Thunderdome!

Yesterday I threw out a desperate plea: was there ANYONE out there in the MMA blogosphere who had the balls to bet on BJ Penn against my boy Georges St Pierre? Sure, I have encountered many who wanted BJ to win, and were siding with BJ to win. But try and get them to agree to a bet and they’d back the fuck off.

But now we have a challenger! Bloody Elbow’s Mike Fagan has stepped forward to back the Prodigy and I accept … after all, Bloody Elbow is 2-0 over the past few years off my back and I’ve been itching for revenge since the grape photo. Now that I have bounced back with the Ipecac win over Cage Potato, it’s time to avenge these losses! Think of me like Chuck Liddell going against those bastards at Greg Jackson’s. Sure, I might have lost to Rashad and Keith, but there’s no way I’m losing to Joey Villasenor!

Now we need your help: we need terms on the bet. Think disgusting, humiliating, and generally uncomfortable. No chopping off fingers or tattooing anything (YET!) … the currency is dignity! Think of terrible things the other person has to eat on camera. Or do on camera. Or take a picture of. If you ran Fear Factor, what shit would you have done??? We need to lock these terms in!