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Another book we gotta wait way too long for

Behold, the cover for friend of the site Jim Genia’s upcoming book on the underground MMA scene in New York. See, even though the sport is illegal in that state, there’s a wonky loophole that has allowed people to throw amateur events. This is the account of all that. It comes out in October, which sucks because you’ll only have a few months to read it before 2012 happens and the world ends.

Pretty sweet cover, other than the big notice about OMG PICTURES!!!1 Guess you gotta appeal to the illiterate MMA fan though. Oh, and then there’s that Sam Sheridan quote about this being a magical pocket journey. No talent ass clown can’t even write a decent blurb.

On a side note, Jim just became a co-editor over at MMA Convert, another blog site I really like. So go check it out the next time we have a reactor fire in DNS server #3 that keeps Fightlinker down for a few days :-p I would have totally hired him myself, but just like Loretta Hunt he wasn’t willing to work for oral pleasure.