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Another Bellator-style promotion on NBC Sports?

We first heard of the ‘World Series of Fighting’ last September, a tournament based promotion that featured Roger Huerta as one of its early signees. Now they’ve finally announced their first show for November 3rd in Vegas amidst rumors that they’ve already locked in a pretty sweet TV deal:

The Planet Hollywood arena is set to hold upwards of 6,000 people for a live MMA show, and the World Series of Fighting stated there will be 10+ bouts on the first card.

In addition to the information about the first show debuting on Nov. 3, the World Series of Fighting appears close to announcing a television deal that will land them on the NBC Sports Network.

The NBC Sports Network is the new name for what once was the Versus network. At one time, both the UFC and the WEC broadcast shows on Versus until their deal expired and the promotion moved to the Fox family of networks.

It’s been a while since a promotion has managed to make it onto such a large TV platform before they’ve even proved they know how to throw an event. They really haven’t done anything other than throw together a logo. At this point we’ve all seen so many companies like this flop face first into the pavement that it’s kinda the expected outcome. Oh, you wanna come out of nowhere and compete in the big leagues? Good luck with that! Here’s hoping the TV deal doesn’t suck, because Vegas hasn’t exactly been da bomb when it comes to MMA attendance lately.

  • Steve W. says:

    It’s MMA on TV and that’s never a bad.

    But, how this shit got a TV and Invicta is still streaming on shitty servers is a travesty.

    There’s a niche market for WMMA not WOUFCFMMA, which is Washed Out UFC Fighters MMA.

  • voice of reason says:

    Unrelated but just had to share this

    15:43 greg jackson thinks people hate jon jones so much cos he’s good so they wanna see him fail ie they’re jealous…

    Nothing to do w the fact that he’s a fake-ass douche, greg? it’s this holier-than-thou delusional thinking that makes people hate greg and jones so much, worst part is they don’t even get it.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    i hate anybody who thinks they are jesus… including jesus

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    I really hope the deal Knapp was asked about turns out to be with NBC Sports as well. I hope even more that it goes through.

    And these guys? Meh.

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