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Another athletic commission fail

Athletic commissions are supposed to be around to protect the fighters from crooked promoters, themselves, and of course the action in the cage. But once again an athletic commission just seems to not get it. The Indiana Boxing Commission is trying to set up things so that they only regulate MMA events with over 5000 people at it (aka only UFC shows where they can make some decent money off it):

“The number is a crazy way to look at it,” said Ultimate Fighting Championship veteran Chris Lytle, a 34-year-old Indianapolis firefighter who has competed around the world. “The small shows are the ones you really need protection over.”

Indiana Boxing Commission members John McCane and Jake Hall went to a recent show in New Castle and said they were surprised by the setup.

“They didn’t have an ambulance, a doctor or EMTs, no insurance for participants, no pregnancy tests for women, no HIV testing and there were mismatches in weight,” Hall said.

Kruse said the bill will be amended to include a provision that requires a medical professional be present at all events.

He suggested the boxing commission’s dissatisfaction may be due to that sport’s decline in popularity. Kruse reported 176 mixed martial arts shows in the state last year compared to 25 for boxing.

You can see why the boxing commission doesn’t want to get involved … 176 events to cover instead of 25 means the fat assholes will have to work a lot harder for their paychecks. Who cares if someone gets hurt, is pregnant, has AIDS, or has a 140 pound weight advantage? Doing stuff is hard, and the IAC doesn’t feel like covering the small shows.