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Another arrest in the kidnap and murder of Vitor Belfort’s sister

Another arrest in the kidnap and murder of Vitor Belfort’s sister

‘Good’ news for Vitor Belfort: the police have arrested Leonardo Luiz Batista, another person who took part in the kidnapping and murder of his sister Priscila back in 2004.

Batista is the latest in a string of arrests in the case, and is the second this year after the case went cold for several years. In 2007 one of the kidnappers, Elaine Paiva, confessed to murdering Belfort following her apprehension. Paiva also alleged that Priscila Belfort’s body had been burned and buried following the murder. The body has never been found.

In February the police announced new suspects after new leads emerged regarding the kidnapping. A month later they arrested Leandro Ferreira Fernandes for participating in Belfort’s kidnapping and killing.

Paiva previously noted that the kidnapping was done with the goal of raising ransom money to resolve a debt with a drug dealer.

This may not be the last arrest we hear about … grisly details of the crime I shall not repeat here indicate that as many as 30 gang members were involved in Priscila’s death.

  • Rhymezbullet says:

    She was probably killed from multiple orgasm from 30 men sucking her toes and jealous vitor murdered them all in the jungle that is why there are no Vitnesses