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Andrei Arlovski’s gonna box this month

(Unfortunately, Arlovski’s Kimbo-style jaw protector hasn’t been helping much)

Andrei Arlovski is finally going to be stepping into the boxing ring on February 29th, although it’s not going be as big of a deal as it was originally being made out to be. His first match will be a 4 round exhibition affair against ‘Fast’ Fres Oquendo for charity. You know the score: charity boxing = nothing interesting is going to happen. As opposed to charity UFC, where they need a double order of bodybags to handle all the casualties. Here’s Brent Brookhouse with more:

Oquendo has a 31-5 professional record with 20 knockouts.  While some will refer to him as a former world champion he has never held a more prestigious title than the NABO heavyweight strap, a second rate alphabet title at best.  In other fights he has picked up belts like the WBA Fedelatin heavyweight title, and the WBO Latino heavyweight title.  He has, however, been in with some stiff competition in his career.  In 2008 he lost a controversial (read: garbage) decision to James Toney and his level of competition has since dropped aggressively.

One week before the exhibition with Arlovski he will be taking on Demetrice King in an absolute joke of a fight.  King sports a 15-17 record, which makes him someone that has no business fighting a borderline top 15-20 heavyweight.

And herein lies the problem with the bout.  It’s a 4 round exhibition for a charity a week after Oquendo fights a full professional bout.  Does anyone think we’re actually going to get the best of these men?  I don’t.  I figure it’s just going to be a glorified sparring session where neither guy looks to put the other to sleep.

This is Arlovski’s first ‘fight’ since getting knocked out by Brett Rogers and while it seemed for a while like he was trying to get back to being a complete mixed martial artist, I can’t help but think this event is a toe in the water for his continued boxing aspirations. For God’s sake, Arlovski! Considering how your last few fights have ended, you need to be angling towards a fighting style that involves getting punched in the face less, not more.