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Andrei Arlovski’s coaches starting an IFL team?

Most news outlets decided to concentrate on the fact that Bart Palaszewski is ‘trading teams’, something I couldn’t give less of a shit about. But when you read the following, tell me if you notice anything else in there:

According to Palaszewski, the team will be affiliated with former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski’s team and trainers and will include former Chicago Red Bear Mark Miller (8-2) and IFL light heavyweight champion Vladimir Matyushenko (20-3). Matyushenko transferred from the now-defunct Tokyo Sabres team.

It would be worth mentioning Arlovski’s camp working with the IFL in the best of times, and of course we all know these are NOT the best of times between Andrei and the UFC. Since April the two parties have been engaged in some heated negotiations, with Arlovski apparently demanding way more money and the UFC playing their standard “Then let’s see how you like sitting out for a year” card.

With that in mind, to hear that Arlovski’s camp/management is involved with the IFL just seems fishy. Don’t think I’m suggesting Arlovski will be going to the IFL, but to me it’s another sign that the Pitbull isn’t planning on returning to the UFC once his contract is up in a few months.