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Andrei Arlovski’s big movie debut

Here I was thinking Andrei Arlovski was getting a bit part in the new Universal Soldier movie, kinda like Don Frye in Public Enemies or Keith Jardine in Gamer. But the above preview sets him up to be one of the two main bad guys alongside Dolph Lundgren, which is pretty cool. Another random fact about this movie: it’s directed by John Hyams, the guy who directed the Smashing Machine, aka the documentary / cautionary tale about MMA fighter and Mark Kerr’s implosion due to painkillers. Here he is talking with about how Andrei was brought on:

John: Andrei got involved, because right from the start, Sony and the producers behind the movie wanted MMA fighters and that was the original idea and I think a smart one because you want to reach the proper audience for this and I had a desire to do fights in this movie that were very realistic and using realistic moves, you will see some of these fights end in these cases are how fights really end. Its almost violent that you will want to look away

Nofear: that’s a good sign!!!

John: Yeah, so we wanted some guys who really knew how to fight and weren’t going to be needed to be stunt doubled all the way and guys that would bring their own recognition to the film. Also in the case of Andrei, if you are going to bring in a professional fighter in a film, you want it ever it is that person represents as a fighter to reflect in the movie and there are certain fighters that they talked about, I won’t say the names, they were big names in the MMA world, but I would say “ hes a great fighter and he seems like an interesting guy with a great personality but he doesn’t represent the ultimate bad ass”. In fact the fighter they were discussing, my memory of him was always taking a pounding, what we want in the character that Andrei is playing should be someone that you fear, Andrei is physically imposing, he’s tall, he’s menacing, athletic so he kind of fit the bill for what his character is, in a sense, a genetic creation. From the list of fighters that they wanted, Andrei was the top of my list. He hadn’t done much acting, but he really took to it. Hes a great guy to work with. Hard working and wanted to perform all his stunts, sometimes we wouldn’t let him fall off a building. But most of his fights is all him. Andrei was great. I think he has presence on the screen

I wonder who the other MMA guy going for the role was who too synonymous with getting beaten up for the role. Tito? Anyways, we’re gonna have to wait until January 10th when the movie is released in theaters to find out how Arlovski stacks up compared to Randy in The Scorpion King 2 and Rich in Cyborg Soldier.