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Andrei Arlovski tops WSOF payroll at 60 large

Remember back in 2008 when Affliction came around and put together all-star cards by offering huge paydays, then folded after only two shows? “Banned” was first and had a staggering payroll of over $3.3 million, of which Andrei Arlovski pocketed a handsome $750K. Shit even Paul Buentello made off with $80k on the undercard. Then “Day of Reckoning” came along and had about the same payroll, this time Arlovski made a boner-inducing $1.5 million, and Little Nog took in $150k on the undercard…THE UNDERCARD.

Incredibly, they folded up shop after that. Sure, Josh Barnett was blamed for ruining the show with yet another failed drug test, but I’d bet my right testi Tom Atencio and Co. were happy as shit they had a plausible excuse to dump the show and the company. Payroll is the major expense of most companies, and Affliction was simply paying fighters too much. Well, World Series of Fighting is apparently run by people much smarter than that because they took the exact opposite approach for their first event.

Total payroll for the night: $352k. That’s less than the third fight on Affliction’s first show – a fairly meaningless scrap between Josh Barnett and Pedro Rizzo, which clocked in at a cool $370k. Granted, Affliction was broadcast on PPV while WSOF is going on straight cable, but still paying that kind of loot, while sweet for the beneficiaries, is no way to run a business. That being said, I sincerely hope Arlovski invested that Affliction money wisely, because those big non-UFC paydays are a thing of the past.

Here are the figures released by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and while they aren’t huge paydays, they’re not too shabby for a brand new promotion that probably pulled in decent-at-best ratings for their inaugural event.

  • Andrei Arlovski: $60k ($30k win bonus) vs Devin Cole: $10k
  • Anthony Johnson: $55k ($25k win bonus) vs D.J. Linderman: $10k
  • Marlon Moraes: $12k ($6k win bonus) vs Miguel Torres: $18k
  • Tyrone Spong: $27k ($7k win bonus) vs Travis Bartlett: $4k
  • Tyson Steele: $10k ($5k win bonus) vs Gregor Gracie: $25k
  • Brian Cobb: $12k ($6k win bonus) vs Ronnys Torres: $12k
  • Steve Carl: $16k ($8k win bonus) vs Ramico Blackmon: $10k
  • Josh Burkman: $16k ($8k win bonus) vs Gerald Harris: $15k
  • Gesias Cavalcante: $14k ($7k win bonus) vs T.J O’Brien: $5k
  • David Branch: $16k ($8k win bonus) vs Dustin Jacoby: $5k