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Andrei Arlovski is a free agent

I’m not quite sure I understand the language everyone is using regarding the news that Affliction is not re-signing Andrei Arlovski. Both Fighters Only and MMA Junkie are using words like ‘dropped’ and ‘cut ties’ in their headlines, which makes it sound like the contract was terminated early because of Arlovski’s loss to Brett Rogers.

But the Brett Rogers fight was simply the third fight on Arlovski’s 3-fight contract with Affliction. There was no dropping or cutting, Arlovski is just a free agent now. And of course Affliction isn’t going to re-sign Arlovski. The reason they loaned him out to Strikeforce in the first place was to wrap up their contractual obligations to him, which seems like the main goal of the company right now with all their fighters. Take a look at that no-name card in Mississippi stacked with a good chunk of the Affliction roster for proof of that. I’ll let you all draw your own conclusions on what that implies.