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Andrei Arlovski has officially been buried

The fuckover is now complete: Andrei Arlovski will face off against the Ultimate Blanket Jake O’Brien in the preliminaries of UFC82. That’s right, baby: going out against a blanket in the dark matches. When Dana White wants to bury you, he buries you good.

Let’s quickly run through the events leading up to this news, Fightlinker stylez:

May 2007 : Arlovski sucks it up against Werdum, loses his title shot.

August 2007 : People realize something is up. Where the fuck is Andrei?

September 2007 : It comes to light that Zuffa has benched Arlovski until he agrees to a new contract

October 2007 : All quiet on the Arlovski front. We take the down time to analyze his girlfriend’s titties.

November 2007 : Dana White says he has no idea why Andrei Arlovski isn’t fighting. He claims he’d be on a plane to Chicago in a second if there was something that could be done. Later that month Dana White reiterates on a phone interview that he doesn’t think Arlovski is going anywhere.

December 2007 : Well shit! Word starts to come from legit websites (aka not us) that Andrei is waiting his contract out and plans to jump ship. Arlovski’s people quickly state for the record that this is retardulous (nervously eying the UFC’s legal team while they say it).

January 2008 : Andrei Arlovski’s management and trainers look like they’re going to be participating in the IFL. Eyebrows are raised across the board and people await the inevitable backlash from Dana White, who hates the IFL with the intensity of 5000 suns. That’s when we hear the first mention of Arlovski getting ousted by way of blanket.

  • kentyman says:

    Arlovski: “Then I will fight in the shade.”

  • mmaninja says:

    nice time line of yet another screw job by Dana

    A better businessman could do a much better job than Dana, it’a fact. This crap he’s pulled now with Arlovski and CroCop about “well I’m waiting for their call, all the lines are open” and those guys’ management saying they hear nothing from Dana. Disgusting.

  • dan says:

    its shit like this that makes me love this place.

    if crocop and arlovski do leave it will be better for us in a way as atleast then we will actualy see them fight. barnett v crocop/arlovski fedor v crocop/arlovski better than them not fighting at all or fighting cans.

    oh and glad to see this place running again. thaught u had fucked off and left us all

  • nah this site is my therapy. Turns out i only went crazy because i stopped posting

  • Ross says:

    This sucks for us as fans but I can understand why the UFC has done this. Arlovski wants to see what his value on the market is to other organisations and the UFC is doing its best to minimise his value by putting him on the undercard against a blanket so they can sign him at a lower rate. It’s up to Arlovski to win in convincing fashion to ensure the other companies will throw big money at him.

    If Arlovski wins and decides to resign with the UFC I’m expecting they’ll quickly forget about the promised title shot to Werdum and do Nog vs Arlovski in August.

  • Xavier says:

    The way Arlovski has been fighting… who cares?

  • threatis says:

    anyone surprised by this? anyone?

  • ilostmydog says:

    You forgot where Arlovski’s management confirmed that he was offered two fights during that time and both ended up getting squashed due to injuries to his opponents. I suppose letting facts get in the way of the truth would be a bad thing though…

  • ShogunNinja says:

    Wow the prelims, what the heeell. Not only is Dana screwing over Arlovski (although I bet he doesn’t even give a crap). He’s also screwing over the fans by not letting us watch him fight and giving us a potentialy boring fight. There are so many things I dislike about Dana White but it’s too much to name here. But after this he can get his ass out of the UFC and at least he has a few potential big money fights he could take. Plus this gives Fedor somebody worthy to fight, which he desperately needs. I just hope more people follow Randy (or Captain America as Dana is mockingly calling him these days) and Arlovski’s (Captain Belarus anyone??) path. But the UFC fanboys would NEVER understand why fighters would leave the all mighty UFC and King Dana. It must be because they are pussies.

  • Swedish guy says:

    Prelims is goddamn unbelievable… hope he puts on a good show, doesn’t re-sign with Zuffa and builds one of the other organizations to become a real threat to the UFC.