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Andrei Arlovski gives a lesson in how to, and how not to talk smack

Much like his fight against the once-invincible Fedor, Andrei Arlovski starts off strong in building up his upcoming fight against Tim Sylvia, only to completely fall apart at the end. In an interview with MMAFighting, Arlovski has some choice words about Sylvia:

“When I found out I was fighting Tim Sylvia it was the best day of my life. I don’t like him, I don’t respect him and I will have no problem kicking him in the head and stomping on his body. It will be fun.

“I do not need motivation to fight pee pee mouth. I do not want to beat him by decision or submission. I want to knock him out.”

Saying it will be fun to kick a guy in the head and stomp on his body is pretty awesome. And being Russian makes it even better. Russians have an emotionless way of speaking that makes everything they say that much more terrifying. But then to end that marvelous beginning by calling Sylvia a “pee pee mouth” just kills it. I get the joke. Sylvia dated Arlovski’s ex-girlfriend back in the day, and when Ariel Helwani asked Andrei about it, he looked into the camera and asked Sylvia, “How tastes my pee pee?” So it’s not like Andrei just came out of left field with this, but that still doesn’t make it any less awful. Look for Sylvia to counter by calling Arlovski a doody head.

I guess, considering this is the fourth fight in a rivalry that hasn’t meant anything since 2006 that we should just be grateful they’re even trying to build interest in it at all.