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Andrei Arlovski 360

Here’s part one of “Arlovski 360”, Andrei Arlovski’s self-funded venture to make him look like a total badass. The video isn’t half bad but thus far the footage isn’t all that compelling, featuring a few too many shots of him futzing around with his dog.

There’s also a serious credibility issue here … while HBO’s 24/7 shows were always guilty of a certain degree of exageration, they were at least only cooked up when a fight was considered ‘one for the ages’. This video starts off by announcing that Fedor vs Arlovski is ‘the most anticipated heavyweight showoff in the history of mixed martial arts’. Yeah … no.

While the video has aped the style of a 24/7 show to a decent degree, it lacks the soul of HBO’s product that makes their documercials so successful. Thus far I have no deeper connection with Andrei Arlovski, don’t know anything more about him, and haven’t heard from anyone new with any real insight. The closest they’ve come to building up his backstory is mentioning the ‘sacrifice’ he made in moving from Belarus to Chicago. Sacrifice? Yeah, that sounds terrible.