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Anderson’s next focus is GSP

Anderson Silva’s English has improved to the point where he’s finally comfortable doing interviews in that language. Unfortunately, it can still be a little hard to understand some of his answers. Maybe we’re losing something in translation here, but it sure sounds to me like Andy is planning on dropping to 170 pounds to fight Georges St Pierre:

After this fight, is the GSP fight the one that you want?
Yeah, this is my focus.


So no more 185 title maybe?
Uuuuh no

You gonna drop it?
Maybe. I dunno. I dunno.

Is there a chance you never fight at 185 again?
Uh yeah. I have two, three more fights at 185 but I dunno maybe I fight Georges St Pierre for the different class. I dunno.

Anderson’s people have mentioned that he could make 170 pounds if he really wanted to and with GSP being a giant puss about that fight, that may be the only way this fight is gonna happen. Until Georges realizes that a catchweight means not losing his belt as well. One thing is for sure: Anderson wants this superfight and the bazillion dollars that could go along with it. Becoming the first fighter in UFC history to hold two titles at the same time probably doesn’t sound too shabby either. That Silva-ducking surrender monkey has nowhere to run now!