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“Anderson: The Lame Era” documentary coming soon

I’ve spent the past year wondering wtf is going on inside the brain of Anderson Silva, so I’m hopeful this documentary covering his ‘shitty phase’ will shed some light on the situation:

But in the meantime, Soares said a documentary about Silva has finished shooting and is in the editing stages. He expects it could be released in early 2011 – and said there is even hope to get it submitted to the Sundance Film Festival.

“We got together with these guys that did some really big documentaries, and we clicked really well,” Soares said. “We made the decision right before the Abu Dhabi fight (at UFC 112) to start doing a documentary. We didn’t know what was going to happen, but we were going to start shooting it from right after the Demian Maia fight right up to his next fight (against Sonnen at UFC 117). It just ended up being one of the craziest five months of all of our careers.”

Soares said the documentary will be slice of Silva’s life over the time between UFC 112 and 117 and that the film crew was a constant over that period – “at least five days a week,” he said. Soares said he has high hopes for the film.

Yeah, kinda sounds like we’re gonna get a dick slurp interpretation of those months, but there’s no way past some serious revisionism that they won’t have to explain this:

or this: