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Anderson Silva’s retirement plan

This is kinda strange … MMA Junkie has put forward a headline saying “Manager: No truth to recent Anderson Silva retirement talk”. Pretty reassuring, right? Wrong. Here’s the actual text from the article:

“Anderson’s goal is to retire when he is 35,” Soares wrote of the 33-year-old fighter. “He still has six fights on his contract, and he doesn’t turn 35 for another 18 months. I know he will finish his six fights before he considers hanging up his gloves.”

I don’t know about you guys, but I’d say that sounds like some pretty fucking serious truth to the recent Anderson Silva retirement talks. Do you give much of a shit that Silva will be around for 18 months as opposed to 12? I’m sure half the readers here have a hard time counting past 10, so it’s all the same for us.

The key point of Anderson retiring soon is very valid indeed. And worse, it doesn’t sound like some sort of casual “Wah-wah I’m sick of shit” gripe. A plan to retire at 35 seems like a long term goal that’s finally fast approaching.