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Anderson Silva’s greasy ways

(Andy doing the rub down before UFC 97 in Montreal)

An interesting thing happened right before the fight between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen on Saturday night: Anderson wiped the vaseline on his head with his hands and then rubbed his hands over his chest. This shouldn’t be too surprising to anyone at this point: he’s done it before his fight with Vitor Belfort, and when he fought Thales Leites. This time he was wiped down before the fight started, but that hasn’t stopped people from grousing over what they consider a blatant attempt to cheat by the middleweight champ.

Chael’s coach Neil Melanson (not to be confused with Chael’s manager, the douche demanding a rematch) doesn’t seem too concerned about the whole situation. Here’s what he told MMA Mania:

There is a lawyer and I’ve worked with him a few times and his fighters but he’s most famous for doing the case for B.J. Penn. He was B.J.’s lawyer for the Georges St. Pierre fight where they put the vaseline on St. Pierre’s shoulders and he was the one that went to the commission and made the rule happen that only cutmen can handle vaseline and keep people from getting hurt like that.

I went to him and asked him about this maybe a year ago about Anderson spreading vaseline on his arms and his shoulders and he went to the commission and looked into it and he told me what they said was, the amount of vaseline that they put on the face by the cutman when they walk in is expected to be all over the body. They expect that amount of vaseline to be moved because they’re gonna be grappling, it’ll be transferred to your opponent’s body, to your own body so by Anderson taking the vaseline and spreading it to his own body, that is okay because it’s such a small amount and it’s gonna spread anyways. They don’t feel it’s gonna make too much of a difference. Once they put it on, trying to wipe it off with a towel is not gonna do a damn thing. The vaseline does not come off like that.

It looks kinda shady and he’s not hiding the fact that he’s doing it but I kinda agree with the commission. The little bit of vaseline on your face, if you get a guy in a guillotine it’s gonna get all over your body and things are gonna get slippery but it’s really not foul play in my opinion. I don’t think it played any part of the takedowns or anything like that. Anderson’s hips were really good and his base was wide and low. No, I don’t think it was any foul play. I know it looks funny but it’s been looked into and as far as I know, it’s fine at this point.

No word on if Chael’s manager feels the same way or if he’s going to give up on his quest for an immediate rematch. The NSAC certainly doesn’t sound like they’re going to help that cause along. As for Anderson’s people … well, here’s what Ed Soares said when he heard about the demand:

About the file Sonnen’s manager is going to appeal, i think he should check the banana peel on which his fighter slipped when he tried a spinning elbow

(Gif via Gordo)