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Anderson Silva’s family emergency

What’s that old saying? People in glass homes shouldn’t throw eye logs before they know both sides of the inside of a book because you might hit an old woman in a diabetic coma? I think it goes something like that. Yesterday everyone was pissing on Anderson Silva for canceling a seminar last second under the pretense of a family emergency, only to conduct a seminar at his new school instead. But now more details are coming out on that ‘family emergency’:

Reigning UFC champions Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira and Anderson Silva opened their MMA academy in downtown Miami on Friday and followed with a seminar Saturday.

Silva stayed in constant touch with family in Brazil after learning his mother went into a diabetic coma. He planned on returning to his home Friday but her condition improved when she came out of the coma. Nogueira is scheduled to leave today for Las Vegas where he will start working on season eight of Spike TV’s The Ultimate Fighter.

Now I don’t want to sound like a heartless cocksucker cynic or anything, but I still find it kinda fishy that this emergency just happened to coincide with a seminar Silva wanted to cancel so he could open his school. Doesn’t it seem like too much of a LUCKY coincidence to you??????