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Anderson Silva’s Apology Tour is in full gear

When you get your ass knocked out clowning around, you have two choices: crawl into a hole of shame and hope the mocking subsides a little by the time your next fight rolls around, or go on a media tour to talk about what happened and show your human side. Anderson Silva has picked the latter and while it’s undoubtedly the better choice for his career, it probably isn’t all that much fun.

Above: Anderson Silva sheds a few tears when a TV host asks him if the fight was fixed. It’s the ying to Dana White’s yang when it comes to reactions, and it seems pretty earnest and sincere. I dunno about the host then giving Anderson a nice long hug, but these are the indignities you must suffer on media tours such as this.

On another show called Agora É Tarde, Anderson takes more on the chin – he relates a story about how even his daughter’s boyfriend is making fun of him:

“My daughter’s boyfriend is a joker. He came to me and said ‘Whassup Weidman? How are you doing?’ I’m being bullied every single time!”

Anderson had to watch in TV some videos about jokes on his loss. “Cmon guys, cut it off.” He said with a smile in his face “It’s awesome when you’re winning but it’s terrible in loss”.

Then there was an announcement behind the curtain and he was anxious to see what would unfould from it. They said it was a trainer from the beginning of his career, someone who helped him a lot to develop his dodge skills.

“You’re a dodge expert. Everyone admires you for being so quick. So I want to give you a surprise. Your dodge is praised around the world so we went after the guy who taught you everything about your dodge and brought him here.” Said the host.

Then they put down the curtain and there was the “trainer”:

After seeing the tube man, Spider could just answer to Gentili: “This is bullying people! It was your idea wasn’t it?” Smiling to Gentili.

Anderson even taunted Belfort. “He kicks, he shoots and… it’s gooooal! From Brazil!” Like a sport announcer, announcing a Brazilian soccer team goal when he KOed Belfort with a front kick.

Then he said “Stop, stop, cmon people, it’s only a joke. I can joke now, can’t I? I’ll restabilish myself here, I pushed off my bounds.”

No wonder he decided he wants the rematch as soon as possible. The sooner the fight happens, the sooner he can erase the memory of him getting knocked out while goofing around.