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Anderson Silva vs. Randy Couture at UFC 112

…is a fight that would be pretty goddamn badass, if I do say so myself.

With Marquardt just coming off of a loss, Sonnen not happening, Henderson having jumped ship to Strikeforce, Belfort injured, and Wandy & Bisping set to face each other at 110, there aren’t exactly many options at middleweight for the pound-for-pound king. Sorry if potential fights between Silva and Alan Belcher, Yushin Okami, Yoshihiro Akiyama, or Kendall Grove don’t get me all excited.

Sure, Randy just fought this past Saturday night and that would be a bit of a quick turnaround for anybody, especially somebody this close to receiving social security checks. But let’s be real — it’s not like Randy took anything amounting to any real damage from Mark Coleman. I bet he gets tagged in the face more often in the gym. On top of that, every chance Randy gets he keeps talking about how he enjoys the busy fight schedule he’s been keeping as of late, and at this point in his career it’s big, interesting fights with guys like Anderson Silva that keep him going. It’s also no secret that Silva himself wants the biggest fights available, considering he’s gone an unprecedented 10-0 in the UFC. Couture vs. Silva is no doubt a big fight.

It’s also been rumored that Rich Franklin will be squaring off with Randy for a June bout. As sweet as that fight sounds, having Randy Couture meet the middleweight champion sounds much, much more glorious. Think about it: the consummate underdog — at 46 years of age — stepping into the Octagon with the most dangerous man on the planet. Randy would be a huge underdog and would very likely get dominated, but it would all be worth it just for the off-chance that Captain America pulls off the upset — one more time.

I would continue writing about the merits of this fight — and there are many — but the mere thought of Couture vs. Silva has caused my man pole to fill with blood. What’s that? You don’t get boners when thinking about awesome fights between two grown men in skin-tight trunks? No, no, you’re the weird one.