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Anderson Silva vs Nate Marquardt

Here’s a battle between a guy who doesn’t speak english and the dullest individual in the universe. Inside sources told me ten marketers committed sepuku when asked to try and sell this fight. UFC’s press guy Thomas Gerbasi slit his wrists while interviewing Marquardt (although he did it horizontally so we’re not sure if it’s just a cry for attention). Did I mention this is not a very exciting fight? Well, it’s not.

The only reason this fight has any hype at all is because people are hoping to see another epic ass kicking delivered by Anderson Silva. Let’s face it: Nate Marquardt has a dumb name, a dull personality, and boring fights. In anticipation of our UFC73 preview show we watched several of his fights, half from UFC and half from Japan. It literally felt like a chore.

Anderson Silva on the other hand is a pace-pushing clinch master who uses his fists, knees, and elbows to devestating effect. Again, we watched his UFC fights and several fights from the UK and Japan. In all the matches we watched in amazement as he crushed the competition.

Marquardt seems to have a hard time finishing opponents. Silva on the other hand seems especially good at going in for the kill. Marquardt is all about grinding out wins on the ground. Silva likes to keep it standing so as to cave your face in with his knees. If you haven’t guessed, here’s my prediction: Marquardt is going to win. Why? Because in a world where CroCop loses to Gonzaga and Matt Serra beats Georges St Pierre, it just makes sense. Silva is more talented and more entertaining, which is why I’m sure he’ll lose.

  • Jonathan says:

    I too think that Marquardt will win, and here is something else. I think that he will hold onto the belt for a very very long time.

  • Mike O says:

    yeah seriously screw marquadt and his dumb name and his boring ass fights. he isnt going to last 5 rounds with silva. KTFO