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Anderson Silva trains huka huka dirt wrestling with Brazilian natives

Racism isn’t exactly considered “advertiser-friendly” by the people who hold Fightlinker’s purse strings. Therefore, I can’t say anything negative about the fact that Anderson Silva recently took a propeller plane to Upper Xingu, in Brazil’s Mato Grosso region, to train in huka huka dirt wrestling with the Camaiura natives. This was obviously a worthwhile part of Anderson’s training camp, and it should serve to further separate Anderson from the rest of the pack. In fact, I see nothing amusing about Anderson’s face and body paint (see above) at all, and really, there are no opportunities for jokes here whatsoever. MiddleEasy has some translated information on Anderson’s excursion:

“Who says that Anderson Silva is unbeatable? The UFC champion went to an Indian village in the Upper Xingu to learn a new fight, huka huka, and had to roll on the ground to hold the Warriors camaiurá.

Anderson Silva stares out the window of the small single-engine plane that has just stopped on the track of land. You are thoughtful, and smiles without looking away for even a second says: “Dude, how thrilling it here.” Outside the plane he sees dozens of indigenous children to approach running, hair and bodies painted red, crowding next to the aircraft awaits. A few days ago it was announced that a great warrior known worldwide come to the village where nobody knows who is Anderson Silva. In silence, he arrives, he goes to the large group of children, and surrounded, asked: “So who here is a fighter?”. Several raise the arm. Here in the land of the Indians camaiurá on the banks of the Xingu River in Mato Grosso, the fight is serious. And that is why the world champion in the octagon MMA changed the dirt floor. It was a struggle to learn local, huka-huka to find out whether you can apply his punches in fighting in the UFC.

“It’s another art that I know, I know how they handle the philosophy of this sport,” he said, they took the experience to record a video commercial for the brand of acai Amazoo. Logo that arrives besides children, Anderson also is received by Were. The young man is quite strong and respected by everyone in the village. Loads a string tied around the waist that has been hanging on the back of the carcass of a bird Xexeu, black and yellow, with outspread wings. It is a kind of belt-huka huka, use only the champions fighters difficult to overturn. “If I lose a duel, my opponent can start this belt for me, playing on the floor and stomp on the bird. It’s as if I did not have the right to use it,” says Were.

“I want to know how they handle the philosophy of this sport.”

The Camaiura huka huka practitioners obviously don’t have any money, so Chael Sonnen’s theory that people have been paying money to be included in Anderson’s training regimen is hereby debunked. Let’s just not bother wondering about the fact that Anderson and his opponents were photographed enjoying a nice, delicious Amazoo brand acai after all their matches. And the fact that Anderson’s shorts had “Amazoo Acai” written on them.

A video of one of Anderson’s Indian dirt wrestling matches can be seen &feature=related” target=”_blank”>here.