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Anderson Silva: The Deadliest Geek

For an Ultimate Fight Night, the UFC sure has upped the amount of press going around. They’ve scheduled James Irvin for so many interviews that I kinda doubt he’s even had the time to train these past few weeks . Not like it would have made much of a difference towards the outcome, so perhaps this is the smartest allocation of resources for the Sandman. And as some have pointed out, the UFC is trying to ‘relaunch’ Anderson Silva and turn him into a star, which means lots of interesting cross over interviews with people like

It’s not just Silva’s ability to “Hulk Smash” his opponents that has gravitated Marvelites the world over to watching “The Spider” compete— he also happens to be one of the biggest Spider-Man fans around.

“I began collecting back in 1984,” he said. “I own many Spider-Man [comics], including first editions, as well as Iron Man, Hulk and Thor.”

On July 19, as part of Spike TV’s UFC Fight Night, Silva will move up in weight class to test his abilities against James “The Sandman” Irvin. While UFC’s “Spider vs. Sandman” clash may cause some fanboys to flashback to “Spider-Man 3’s” epic battle between the two classic comic icons, Silva has assured that he won’t sling webs or use spider sense to emerge victorious.

“I will use my wisdom against ‘Sandman,’ which I think is many times superior to that of my opponent’s in a fight,” Silva said. “I train a little of everything – Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, boxing, Muay-Thai – there’s no specific martial art that we concentrate on; MMA involves everything. I feel relaxed about [the fight].”

This is synergistic marketing at it’s best: the UFC gets to show of their champion to a bunch of people who would otherwise be too busy whacking it to Jim Lee sketches, and Marvel gets to propagate the notion that not all comic book fans end up lonely and fat.

Me, I used to love comic books too … I would sneak into my brother’s room and read through his collection with gooey 10 year old hands, rubbing chocolate on his 1st edition Mask, Tick, and Punisher comics. He would then slam my hand in a door and drop me on my head. Now I don’t love comics so much any more, and my neck hurts whenever it’s cold outside.

(props to BloodyElbow for the find)