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Anderson Silva talks about being viewed as gay

As a child growing up in Brazil, Anderson Silva’s sister would dress him up in girl’s clothes. When a young boy gets dressed up in girl’s clothes there are a few options available to him: he can grow and laugh the incident off as childhood folly, take a liking to it and continue on as a cross-dresser, become a serial killer, or develop into the best fighter in the history of the world. Silva chose the latter option, thank Christ because I don’t think he would make a very good looking woman, and Anderson Silva as a serial killer is too gruesome to even conceptualize. Speaking with Tatame, via Fighter’s Only, Silva spoke very frankly of the situation:

“We would wear a dress, put on her shoes. And because I am very vain about my appearance, and have a high voice, a lot of people were sure I was gay.”

Not that it matters, but just for the record, Silva is married with five children. And the candid way he speaks about it suggests he is not gay. If he was gay and trying to conceal it, he’d likely keep it hidden and just cruise the internet for his trysts like all the other married gay guys in the world.

As for the high voice and fashionable appearance, those things never caused me to question Silva’s heterosexuality. The one time I did, however, was when he lip-synched to Justin Bieber on-stage in Brazil, and not just as a joke either. You can tell by his facial expressions, Anderson was feeling it, like that shit moved him.

Defying conventional thought, I would argue that this makes Anderson even more terrifying. Most men, especially professional MMA fighters, would never admit in a million years that they wore girl’s clothing, or that they just adore them some Bieber. They would just blast that noise alone in their cars with the windows securely closed like any other decent person. But not Anderson, oh no. This cat openly flaunts it in the most extreme way imaginable. You got to respect that. I wouldn’t do it. Nor would I admit that I like to draw a warm bubble bath on a Friday night, pop the cork on a nice Chardonnay, and relax to Pachelbel’s Canon in D major, which I do not, but like if I did, ya know, hypothetically, I would never admit it. But I suppose that’s what separates the secure from the insecure.

Anderson must know that his arch-nemesis, Chael Sonnen will certainly use this to denigrate him mercilessly, but he couldn’t give a shit less. It’s a tough man who accepts his feminine side without fear of ridicule.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    ive always got a creepy vibe from Anderson… creepy Michael Jackson type vibe. And having children doesnt make you not gay… just ask any Republican Congressman.