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Anderson Silva retires retirement plans

After spending over a year obsessing about Anderson Silva’s plans to retire at the age of 35 (aka in April), I’m almost peeved that he’s just done a complete 180 and is not only planning to keep fighting for now, but keep fighting for nearly another decade:

“I think the important thing is to really create the biggest fights possible,” Soares said. “I think Anderson’s got a good two, three years probably. He’s got a good eight or nine fights probably left in him for sure, maybe more. He doesn’t take too much damage, and the fact that he doesn’t take damage in the fights, it’s really more or less the training.”

Soares opened up the possibility of more fights for Silva at light heavyweight or even heavyweight if the match-ups are there. Silva’s last trip to 205 pounds resulted in an absolute drubbing of former champion Forrest Griffin in August 2009.

“I believe the last fights of his career will definitely be big fights. That’s what he wants, to have the big fights, regardless of what the weight is,” Soares commented. “Whether it’s at light heavyweight, whether it’s at heavyweight, whether it’s at a catchweight, doesn’t make a different. He just wants to challenge himself and be involved in some of the biggest fights that the UFC can put together.”

While I’m happy watching Anderson Silva stick around until someone inevitably knocks him off the top of the P4P mountain, I’d like to request something: That he stop hee-hawing over every opponent, giving us his detailed assessment of why they’re not worthy and how he’d rather be facing someone else. I understand that’s kinda contingent on the UFC actually setting him up with good fights (no more Irvins or Leiteseses please), but Silva has been a pretty big bitch about the Belfort fight and that’s pretty nitpicky if you ask me.

The other request: if he wants to move up a weight division or two, he should give up his belt to do it. Multi-division floaters are about as pleasant as toilet floaters. No one wants to see them. And as far as his friend Machida holding the 205 belt, boo fucking hoo. Life’s full of hard choices – make yours and get it over with. It’s time to shit or get off the pot. And then flush because yeah no floaters. Okay, I gotta go. I’ve needed to take a shit pretty badly and I think it’s affecting my work.