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Anderson Silva needs to stay at 205

Props to Anderson Silva for taking his responsibility to defend the 185 pound title so seriously. But is there ANYONE out there who’s really interested in the practical reality of him staying at middleweight? At least when Silva was set to face Okami in October, there was a little backstory to it: Okami won their last fight, albeit via DQ because of an illegal kick. And while you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who actually thought Okami might win, at least there was no argument on whether he deserved a shot or not.

But now Okami is out with a broken hand and it looks like Patrick Cote is next for Anderson Silva. I’m sorry, but that match-up sucks. And so does pretty much every single other prospective fight for Anderson at 185. The idea of Silva jumping back and forth between weight classes sounded interesting to me at first, but now it just seems like a waste of time and talent. He has already proven everything he can at 185, and continuing to fight at middleweight reminds me of Fedor going back to Europe and destroying everyone at regional sambo meets. There’s no glory in that.

It’s time for Anderson Silva to set the bar higher. He’s cleaned out the middleweight division, and now it’s 205’s turn.