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Anderson Silva might take most of 2013 off

If you’ve hung around this website for several years, you’ve learned that the only thing more consistent than my inconsistency is Anderson Silva’s ability to drive everyone nuts in between his fights. Dana White tried to put a lemon wedge on that glass full of diarrhea by calling Anderson ‘an artist’, and behold the latest strokes of Silva’s genius:

“I’m on vacation from fighting. I think I’ll just come back at the end of next year. I’ve got personal projects underway. Tomorrow I’m going to Los Angeles to check on the progress of my gym. I think it’s time for me to get my life in order, because with this thing of always being worried and having to work, I just leave my personal life aside. I have my projects, my personal plans and will keep them moving forward.”

As for defending his middleweight belt, he didn’t seem that interested. He even sounded okay with the idea of an interim champ to take care of all those pesky contenders he doesn’t feel like fighting:

“My focus is my personal plans, the fight with Georges St. Pierre, “he warns. “Look, I do not know if it will have a lot of fun, but they can do whatever they want. I’m in the comfort zone, so I’m not worried about it. “

So unless Georges St Pierre decides to step up and face Anderson Silva (not something a betting man would put money down on), I guess we’ll see Anderson in 12 months or something. See, this is what happens when fighters make too much money. They start expecting things like ‘time off’ and start focusing on ‘personal things’ like ‘family.’ Eugh. Whatever happened to “the best fighters in the world fighting three times a year?” King Mo once said that working for the UFC was akin to slavery, but obviously not or Dana wouldn’t have this many problems forcing his slaves to fight.