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Anderson Silva may or may not be injured

Over the weekend, ESPN reported that Anderson Silva would be out until next year due to elbow surgery. Today that factoid is coming under dispute, with Silva’s manager Ed Soares telling Kevin Iole that Anderson is ready to go, and his random dream fight of the moment is now Randy Couture:

I spoke to Ed Soares, Silva’s manager, and contrary to published reports, Silva has not had surgery on his elbow and is not in any way incapable of fighting in November if he’s offered a fight. Soares said he hasn’t spoken to Silva about fighting Couture yet, and stressed that such a fight has never been discussed with the UFC. But he did say, “Anderson wants to fight the biggest and the best fighters out there and Randy Couture falls into that category. After Anderson saw the way he fought Rodrigo Nogueira, he said he became an even bigger Randy Couture fan.” I’m guessing the two will fight eventually.

This directly contradicts his holiness Dave Meltzer who also mentioned the Silva surgery, and even Dana White who also brought it up. So for now let me assure you that everyone is very confused as to what the fuck is going on with Anderson Silva and no one knows for sure if he’s actually available to fight or not.

I’m starting to get the vibe of how Ed Soares works though: first he suggests crazy outlandish things like Hendo vs Marquardt for an interim middleweight belt while Anderson takes on Frank Mir. Then when the UFC counters with ‘How about Dan Henderson again?’, it’s time to bring up that elbow surgery Anderson has been meaning to get for a while now. Then Soares casually suggests Anderson Silva vs Randy Couture. And again, once the UFC comes back with ‘Dan Henderson’, we’ll be back to that whole “Ah, well I’d love to but my god this elbow.”

I expect this to go on back and forth for a while till either the UFC cracks and stops acting like it’s Hendo or bust or Anderson Silva runs out of other match ideas or excuses not to fight. Joy!