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Anderson Silva likes playing games

Anderson Silva refuses to quit talking about fighting Frank Mir. I know it’s not going to happen. You know it’s not going to happen. Those members of the population who are considered “mentally retarded” can even tell it’s not going to happen (I’m talking to you, Kanye). That means Anderson Silva has to know it’s not going to happen. Yet, for some reason, he’s still talking about it. From Fighters Only via Bloody Elbow:

I’m 200 percent healthy and there’s no injury. UFC can set the next fight whenever they want, I’m ready. I’m interested in fighting Frank Mir. He can be the next one.

In Silva’s mind, he likely sees no more challenges left at 185 as he has previously finished both Dan Henderson and Nate Marquardt, the two top contenders to the belt. But the fact is that those two bouts were a few years back and at the present time HOLY FUCK WHAT AM I SAYING.

Here’s the deal: Anderson, you’re the middleweight champion. That means you need to defend the belt at 185 every now and then. I know what a hassle it must be to not have the power to hand pick all of your opponents. When I’m in the bar I like to pick out one or two lovely young ladies who I would enjoy spending the evening with but usually I just wind up curled up in a ball alone in my bed listening to old Celine Dion records. While crying. And masturbating intensely. With sandpaper. Point is, you can’t always get what you want.

Anderson, you’re not fighting goddamn Frank Mir. That is reality. So shut the fuck up about it. You’re wasting time blabbering about a fight with ol’ pubeface when you could be doing something useful like defending the middleweight title.