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Anderson Silva is totally gonna call GSP out after his fight

Goddamn do I love post-fight challenges. There’s nothing more WWE than a dude climbing into a cage to call out a guy who just won his fight. From GSP not being impress wit your performhance to Rashad Evans ruining Jon Jones’ special moments, they’re always a good time. And it sounds like if Georges St Pierre wins against Carlos Condit on the 17th, we’ll get to witness another one:

Silva’s manager, Jorge Guimaraes, hinted to’s Ariel Helwani on the Tuesday night edition of Fuel TV’s UFC tonight that a challenge is forthcoming if St-Pierre defeats Condit.

Asked why Silva, who isn’t known to often show up at fights other than his own, is heading to Montreal, Gumaraes said “maybe to challenge GSP if he beats Condit.”

When asked during a UFC 154 presser if Dana White thought that was the case, he said:

“There’s no doubt Anderson Silva (is) showing up to cheer Georges St-Pierre on, and he wants him to win this fight. He wants to fight him after. So I would say yes (he will challenge him in the cage).”

After what feels like years of GSP ducking the Anderson question, we’ll finally get a straight answer out of him. Unless Carlos Condit wins, in which case I think we’ll all agree he is a superfight killer. First GSP / Diaz, and then GSP / Anderson? I’d give a nut for either fight, which means he’ll have cost me a whole sac worth of historic moments.