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Anderson Silva is talking boxing again

When it got out last week that Anderson Silva was shacking up with famous boxing coach Freddie Roach, we figured it was only a matter of time before talk started again about Silva going over to the dark side. And here it is:

The UFC middleweight champion told Tatame magazine that boxing “is still in my plans” following retirement from his current career.

Silva talked of a fight with Roy Jones Jr. last year but that plan was quickly squashed by the UFC, which would not give him permission to fight outside the organisation.

“I’ve been training boxing in Freddie Roach’s gym for a while,” said Silva. “I went to New York for the fight of Roy Jones Jr. and I’m training a some boxing here. It’s in my plans, it’s one of my personal projects.”

Dana White has been saying that if Anderson Silva wanted to retire at 35, he could because the UFC has made him a very rich man. But I guess now it’s looking like Silva is prepping to walk out of the UFC and straight into a big money boxing bout. Win or lose, he’ll have scratched that itch and pocketed a huge pile of money. Then he can really do whatever he wants to do. Some say money is the root of all evil. These people are just rich motherfuckers trying to mess with you. Money is awesome … you can do anything with it. The gay dude from N’Sync almost got to go into space because of money.

Roy Jones Jr and Joe Calzaghe made more than 10 million each for their fight a few weeks ago. I have no idea how an Anderson Silva vs Roy Jones Jr fight would pay out but you’ve gotta figure with a good promoter at the helm it could do some really sick numbers. After that, Anderson could go for another boxing match or see what the price is like for outer space. At that point, the sky won’t even be the limit.