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Anderson Silva is taking another ‘break’

(I guess this meant ‘no’)

The biggest question that comes out of UFC 102 is what happens with the middleweight division. You’ve got both Dan Henderson and Nate Marquardt in position for title shots against Anderson Silva, but Silva doesn’t want to fight them. Instead he’s made it very clear via his manager that he wants them to fight each other – possibly for some interim title while he fucks around in the light heavyweight or heavyweight division. Dana White has said no to it all, so what is Anderson doing? Nothing. As in he’s taking a vacation:

Soares believes they should face one more test before getting a second shot at the 185-pound title. “I think the fight that should happen is Nate Marquardt against Dan Henderson for the number one title contender,” he said.

In the meantime, Soares continued, Silva needs time to recuperate.

“He’ll take a rest… he’s fought twice this year,” he said. “He’s got three fights left on his contract. He wants to work out a little kinks and bruises that he’s got. He wants to take a little break.”

Yes, all of a sudden the guy who wanted to fight a zillion times a year now wants to rest up. I remember the last time he decided he was going to rest up, and that was 100% about the pathetic opponents he was being asked to fight too.

Hey, don’t think I’m saying Dan Henderson and Nate Marquardt are pathetic. But having Anderson rematch them both is. Have we forgotten what the fuck #1 CONTENDER is supposed to mean? Why is everyone in such a rush to push both these dudes into that place?

As unreasonable as it is for Anderson Silva to be doing his own matchmaking, having Dan Henderson and Nate Marquardt fight each other is a no-brainer. No one will ever give more of a shit about this fight than they will now. And we certainly don’t need to see both guys get another crack at Anderson Silva. So can the UFC just swallow it’s pride, book Hendo / Marquardt, dig Anderson up a fight that he sees as a challenge (stop saying Machida, Dana), and get this division sorted out?